Mitsubishi Pajero

I booked in my old 2000 model Mitsubishi Pajero SWB to have a look at the flashing differential  Light and a noise from the undercarriage. The local garage I got it tested gave a report for a faulty gearbox that needed repair or replacement. Since I have known Wimbledon Automatics at their current location for many years. I booked the vehicle there, and was attended by Kenny, he said he will call me back in an hour with a report & sure enough he did, the problem was nothing to do with the gear box but an exhaust bracket had broken, Kenny even cleared the faulty sensor light and charged me only for the initial diagnosis and gave me a report of all the faults it registered in the machine.   I was expecting to scrap the vehicle  to avoid an expensive repair instead this vehicle has been given a new lease of life at least for another few years when the government will scrap it anyway!  Thank you for the transparency and advice . I am in no doubt that I will recommend this garage to friends and family.