Old Scimitar

My 34 year old Scimitar with a Ford A4LD Granada box became stranded with total loss of drive on a journey up North just over 4 years ago. It was transported to a local Scimitar specialist and the gearbox had a total overhaul. Unfortunately, over the next few years, lots of problems developed and after a while, it became clear the box must have been overhauled on a Friday afternoon after a session down the pub … so many problems ensued, too many to list, which eventually led to near total loss of drive, and the need for another complete overhaul. The guys at Wimbledon Autos have done a superb job, with everything now working as it should and not the slightest hint of any problems. And they don’t just overhaul the box and wave goodbye. After a week they had it back for a routine initial check, and after 6 and 12 months they want to see it again, for checks, fluid change etc. They really do a fantastic job. Highly recommended.